Fad Diets: 5 Of The Craziest Ways To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, toning up, or just a magical cure for health problems, these 5 fad diets top the charts as some of the most ridiculous ways to lose weight! The Master Cleanse (Or, “Lemonade Diet”) What it is: Ten days of fasting and flushing out toxins with a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and hot water. You begin the day with a salt water flush in which a quart of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of sea salt is consumed. Throughout the day, […]

Is Soda Bad for You? 7 Reasons You Should Never Drink Soda (Diet or Not) Again

We all know soda isn’t good for us, yet Americans consume close to 50 billion liters of soda per year, that’s an average of 57 gallons for each person. We know they’re packed full of sugar and weird chemicals and empty calories, and even diet sodas aren’t totally harmless. Drinking soda has been linked to childhood obesity and is the number one source of calories in the United States. Sometimes, though, there’s nothing more refreshing than a Coke with your popcorn at the movies or Sprite on a hot day. […]

How To Tone Your Body: What You Need To Know About Muscle Tone

It’s not an easy task to tone your body if you’re trying to get back in shape. There are many misconceptions about toning and how to achieve a lean, carved look that shows off muscles whether you’re a man or a woman. But spring is here, and so are tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits. Just about everyone wants to tone up. Maybe you want to feel more confident in summer clothing or in your swimsuit, and so body tone is on your brain. Or maybe, you’re just working towards overall […]

Superfoods for Super Health

Mother nature is always one step ahead by providing us with natural superfoods to help with overall health and weight loss goals. Turns out, all foods are NOT created equal. Some simply go above and beyond the call of duty and provide extra love and support for your overall health. We’re giving you the no-brainer list of superfoods you can easily incorporate into your diet. To Fight Cancer: Broccoli — contains sulforaphane, which helps the body’s protective enzymes and helps detox certain chemicals. Blackberries — anthocyanins help slow growth of […]

The Best Workouts To Whip You Into Shape

Sometimes, you don’t have a ton of time to work out, you don’t have the equipment, or you don’t have that fancy gym membership. We gathered the inside scoop on the most effective and efficient workouts that will whip you into shape and have you sucking wind (in the best way possible, we promise.) Burpees Why they’re great: The burpee is a full-body movement, working just about every muscle group while providing great cardio and strength training.It is efficient, requires no equipment, and uses your body weight to strengthen and […]

How To Drink More Water

With all the benefits that come from drinking more water – aids digestion, improves hormone regulation, regulates body temperature, flushes waste, lubricates joints, improves oxygen delivery, and more – we all know we should be drinking more. But simply drinking more water is not easy to do sometimes. People who drink more water regularly have stronger immune systems, better skin, better organ function, and experience better weight loss results. Though water doesn’t have the fun fizz of a soda, or the delicious flavor of our favorite, sugary fruit juice, it […]

The Little Black Dress Workout

The aftermath of the Oscars may have left you feeling inspired by all those celebrities dazzling in their gowns and tuxes, fearlessly showing off dress-worthy arms and legs on the red carpet. Whether you need to look your best for an event in just a couple of weeks, or you’re getting ready for summer, we have the little workout that will have you looking your best from head to toe! Take a look at our Little Black Dress Workout. Click the picture to enlarge: Need a quicker trim down? (“Best […]

5 Ways Your Lunch Break Is Killing Your Weight Loss Goals

Who knew your lunch break and your weight loss goals had a relationship? Your lunch break is a precious hour of free time you really should use wisely, and that’s why this little piece of time can make or break healthy habits and determine whether or not you reach your weight loss goals. Here are five ways your lunch break could be preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. 1) You Don’t Take A Break Your lunch break is there for a reason: to step away from the work […]

Sugar, the Bitter Truth

Sugar. The sweet little calorie monster that takes the edge off our morning coffee, makes our desserts delectable, and wreaks gradual havoc on our waistlines. And we sometimes wonder: how can something so good be so bad? Doubt no more. Fear even less. Because we have your guide to sugar: the bitter truth including the good, the bad, and the fact that there’s still hope. The Good: Natural Sugar Many diets will promote cutting out any and all sugar in your diet until the end of time. But you know […]