Injury Prevention: 6 Ways to Beat Injury and Still Get a Workout

If you’ve played sports or exercised for a consistent period of time, you know injuries come in to play.

Utilizing key injury prevention tips can help you stay ahead of the hurt, take off some stress and keep you in the game.

We all know that regular workouts are key to being in great shape and reaching weight loss goals, but sometimes too much of a good thing can lead to injuries that sideline our bodies and our goals.

1) Warm Up/Cool Down

Get your heart and your body ready to do some work before your actual workout.

Start moving at an easy pace jogging, walking, or doing active stretches. This will get your heart pumping a little faster, and warm up your muscles to the elasticity you need.

And then don’t forget the cool down.

Allowing your body to wind down at the end of a workout with good, deep stretches and slowed-down movements will allow for better recover and fewer injuries.

2) Just Keep Swimming

The natural resistance provided by water makes swimming an ideal low-impact sport with all the benefits of a hard land workout. The water will cushion your body while moving with it, and the weightlessness will make movement more bearable.

If you lack confidence in your strokes, ease your way into workouts with a kick board.

3) Treat Your Feet

Make sure your feet are comfortable in the best shoe for your workout.

For example, if you have flat feet, you want a correctional shoe that provides more stability; if you have a narrow foot, you want a shoe that will hug your heel.

If you’re hitting the trails, you want something with ankle stability and good tread, but if you’re lifting in the gym, you need a shoe that keeps you flat and grounded.

Most athletic stores offer assistance in picking the right shoe for you and your exercise.

4) Try Pilates

If you’re feeling like your body needs a break, it just might.

Take a break from weights and machines, and take to the floor for a change. Increase your flexibility and give your joints some love with Pilates.

All you need is a good mat and your own body weight for the resistance of a toning workout session that gets your heart pumping.

5) Go For A Ride

We’ve been loving bikes since we were kids — why stop loving them now? Cruising on two wheels is fun, and a great way to take the impact off your knees and joints as the bike itself will absorb more of the impact than your knees.

6) Listen To Your Body

Sometimes, your body needs a break—and that’s okay.

Even though you’re determined to reach your goals, the setback will be greater if you push stress levels beyond your body’s limit and suffer an injury.

It’s better to have scheduled rest days than to acquire a serious injury that will keep you from your routine long term.

Don’t forget, if you’re pairing a healthy diet with exercise and TrimUltra, your metabolism and energy levels will stay up even on the rest days!

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