I Need to Lose Weight

So You need To Lose Weight…

You’ve been really honest with yourself. You’ve said it. “I need to lose weight.” But now what?

Now that you’ve decided you could afford to shed some pounds, it’s time to stop thinking about it and start DOING it. So now that you’ve said those five little words “I need to lose weight”, what happens next?

Beginning a weight loss journey can be difficult, confusing, and discouraging, but it doesn’t HAVE to be! If you know what steps to take, you can get the results you’re looking for without the struggle, hassle and headache most people go through.

1) See A Doctor

Visit your doctor to make sure you don’t have any conditions that may affect your weight loss journey, and to get his advice on what the ideal weight for your height and age group is. Your doctor can help you make sure you’re on the right diet plan, getting the right amount of exercise and help you overcome any other obstacles while ensuring your plan won’t put you at any additional risk.

2) Clean Up Your Kitchen

Out with the carbs, processed, fatty, pre-packaged, nutrient-less food. In with the fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low fat dairy.

Your diet starts with your shopping, once the foods that don’t contribute to your weight loss goals are gone, be sure to replace them with the right foods.

3) Set Real Goals

Anything that guarantees you will lose 10 pounds in one day either involves surgery or an unhealthy scam. Set attainable goals according to your doctor’s advice.

Shedding 7 pounds in a month is realistic. Cutting daily calories intake and drinking more water is doable.

It’s okay to start slow with small goals. As you reach those goals, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident in your efforts to meet larger goals.

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4) Know Your Addiction

For some it’s donuts, others it’s ice cream and for many, it’s chocolate that just prevents them from completely investing in their new lifestyle.

This is the first thing that must go when you do your kitchen cleanup. Maybe you drink 2 sodas a day, you have to have a cookie or sweet right after dinner, or perhaps carbs are your weakness.

Identify your main addiction and overcome it. This one little change can help turn your lifestyle around completely.

5) Prioritize YOU

You have a job, friends, a family, and a life that must be lived but neglecting your own health will severely limit your ability to lose weight.

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, it’s crucial to realize that YOU are the decision-maker in your life. You have only one self, and you can either invest in its well being or let it miss its potential.

This involves learning to be just a LITTLE selfish. When you’ve scheduled your workout in your day, try to stick to it.

Try to make plans that work around it, or get creative and try out different times of the day. If you’re always short on time, you may want to try one of our under 20 Minute HIIT workouts.

No matter what, though, your time is yours. Only you can decide how it’s spent.

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