How To Start Losing Weight

How To Start Losing Weight

Losing weight isn’t easy, and perhaps the most difficult part is figuring out how to start losing weight once you’ve made up your mind to do it.

As most journeys go, the intimidation lies in making the first leap into something brand new that you may not have tried before.

We’re here to give you the nudge, push, or encouragement you need to get started on your journey to a new, healthier life.

1) Know the “Why” Factor

An important part of weight loss is being goal-oriented.

Knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing will keep you motivated and shape the way you go about losing weight and determine the results you want.

For example, are you in a wedding six months from now and need to drop 5-10 pounds?

Or are you at high risk for cardiovascular disease? Are you a busy mom trying to live a more active lifestyle with her family?

All of these are goal-oriented reasons to lose weight.

These help you determine and understand the stakes and the rewards of your successful weight loss. And nothing gets you up and going like personal or high stakes.

When you decide your “why” factor, decide your “when” factor and stick to a soft deadline.

2) Make A Plan

A great general rule for fat loss and overall weight loss is this:

Cutting calories+eating clean= getting skinny

30 minutes of cardio+ strength training= getting toned

Now, neither of these formulas can truly succeed without the other.

It’s possible to only lose weight by eating right, and to only lose weight by working out.

But, general clean-eating and physical activity makes the formula more efficient and will bring you better results in less time.

Now, each human body is different, and though this formula is generally a smart idea for everyone, every person has slightly varying needs for what works for them.

When you start figuring out what works for you, stick with it.

If you think your weight loss struggle is more complex or could be caused by another factor, see your doctor!

3) Keep It Simple

Have you heard the saying “you lose weight in the kitchen, but get fit in the gym”?

Stick to this rule, and your life will be simplified so much. When you eliminate the option of fad diets or starving yourself, you eliminate fear factors that keep you from making the plunge.

A simplified method keeps you stress free about your wallet, grocery shopping, finding a personal trainer, or starving yourself 75% of the time.

When you aren’t solving some crazy diet algorithm or buying expensive workout gear, you can stay stress-free and clear-headed.

4) Join a Gym Or Recruit A Friend

The weight loss process can be so much more rewarding if you feel like part of a team or feel like you aren’t alone.

A gym atmosphere is good because you’re surrounded by people who are working hard to do the same thing as you—get healthy, lose weight, or stay fit.

If a gym is intimidating to you, though, recruit a friend or family member!

Not only will they be able to ease the feeling of being alone, they’ll be your ultimate cheerleader since they know you so well.

5) Tell Everyone

Tell everyone what you’re doing and why.

This might feel awkward, but letting people in on your journey will build a support group as well as accountability.

When you open up to those close to you about that wedding you’re getting in shape for or the fact that you just don’t feel like yourself, they’ll take it to heart and check up on you.

If you have loved ones politely checking up on your progress, it holds you accountable almost unintentionally because it’s hard to give up when you know people are cheering for you or expecting someone of you.

6) Clean Your Kitchen

Throw away all junk food and processed foods that you KNOW, deep down, will not help you obtain your goals.

Fridge, pantry, cabinets, EVERYTHING. Focus on creating a blank canvas to fill with healthy foods.

When you’re finished banning the bad food, take a trip to the grocery store with a prepared list so you can immediately replace everything with a healthy alternative.

This will give you the feeling of a fresh start as well as a feeling of accomplishment, because it’s the beginning of a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

7) Watch Your Language

In other words, don’t say mean things to yourself.

Many people begin selling themselves short the minute they begin their weight loss journey.

And, while weight loss can be frustrating, it all has to come from YOU. You’re the only one who can control how much frustration or positivity you feel.

When you watch your language, try saying “WHEN I lose this weight” instead of “IF I lose this weight”.

Deciding that it’s going to happen no matter what puts you in a stronger frame of mind, and sets you up for success, not failure.

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