How To Lose Baby Weight

How To Lose Baby Weight

As joyful and exciting as it is to finally welcome a child into the world, motherhood is full of ups, downs, and challenges that come with having children.

One of those challenges is figuring out how to lose baby weight you gained during pregnancy.

While your body will never be identical to your pre-baby body, it’s still possible to shed the baby weight quickly and safely.

No Fad Diets!

The time to try no-carb diets, juice cleanses, or paleo diets is NOT the first few months of motherhood.

Your increase in activity levels, lack of sleep, and readjusting hormones all mean that you need to feed your body when it’s hungry, not deprive it.

Instead of cutting out food groups altogether, stay balanced. Eat a mix of healthy foods and allow yourself a treat here and there.

If you are breastfeeding, doctors say not to consume less than 1,800 calories a day.


Should you opt for breastfeeding your child, know that major benefits come along with it! Not only does breastfeeding help boost the immunity and overall health of your baby, but it naturally helps you shed that post-baby weight.

Breastfeeding alone can help you burn 300-500 calories a day, depending on how often your baby eats and how much.

This is because, instead of storing extra calories, your body passes them on to your baby in the form of vitamins, immunity boosters, and other important nutrition.

Disclaimer: breastfeeding is healthy for your baby, and a great little tool to help you begin shedding extra weight.

However, don’t rely solely on breast-feeding, especially if you gained more weight during pregnancy than your doctor recommended or anticipated, and if you were pre-disposed to obesity.

Workout With Your Baby

No, we don’t suggest using your newborn as a substitute for a medicine ball.

But, we DO suggest getting active and interactive with your baby while your body recovers from giving birth.

Something as simple as a wrap carrier or a stroller can allow you to take a quick walk and get some fresh air, as well as keep you from feeling cooped up in those first few months with a newborn.

Choose Your Gym Wisely

When your body is ready to get back into the swing of working out (typically six weeks after giving birth), take advantage of your gym’s childcare center.

If you don’t belong to a gym yet, do your research and find one with reputable childcare.

Conquer The Plateau

When most women get down to that last ten pounds they want to lose, they hit a plateau where weight loss is somehow much more difficult.

Just because the first 20-30 pounds came off easily, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that last little bit forever!

At this point in your post-baby weight loss journey, you can start cutting elements of your diets to exclude high fat, processed foods, and hold back on your carb count.

Fire up your workouts with some weight training and high intensity cardio. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and not skipping meals!

Other activities that will push you past the plateau are the daily activities of motherhood, and all the things you will be involved in with your newborn.

It took nine months to gain what you did during pregnancy, and it will likely take about that long to return to your pre-baby body.

Remember to have patience and appreciate how far you’ve come n your weight loss journey and how far you’ve come with motherhood!

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