How To Drink More Water

How To Drink More Water

With all the benefits that come from drinking more water – aids digestion, improves hormone regulation, regulates body temperature, flushes waste, lubricates joints, improves oxygen delivery, and more – we all know we should be drinking more.

But simply drinking more water is not easy to do sometimes.

People who drink more water regularly have stronger immune systems, better skin, better organ function, and experience better weight loss results.

Though water doesn’t have the fun fizz of a soda, or the delicious flavor of our favorite, sugary fruit juice, it does more for your body than any other beverage can. So with all those benefits, how to drink more water?

Here are a couple ways you can drink more water:

1) Add Flavor to Help You Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water

You don’t have to buy stock in Crystal Light or pile in any other artificial flavor. Sometimes, simply adding lemon and lime to your water can add flavor interesting enough to keep your taste buds from getting bored with plain old water.

Infusing your water with fresh fruits will not only add flavor, but will also add vitamins that you don’t usually get from plain water.

If you’re looking for more unique combinations, try slicing jalapenos and limes and adding them to your water. Mint also adds a refreshing flavor.

2)Turn Your Water Bottle into a Schedule

If you’re like millions of other busy men and women forgetting to drink your water is a problem. But this handy tip can definitely help serve as a reminder:

Buy a transparent, large water bottle, and mark a line for how much water you want to drink by 10 a.m, Noon, 2 p.m., and so on.

This simple drink will give you a visual and allow you to “compete” with your water intake by giving you deadlines to meet throughout the day.

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3) Get Started by Drinking Water


Before you become too involved in your busy day, wake up and drink one glass of water before breakfast.

Not only is this one simple trick to build a better habit, drinking water first thing in the morning helps renew cells, promotes healthy skin, balances the lymph system, and purifies your colon.

4) Water-Based foods!


You can count the water you get from some of the foods you eat toward your overall consumption of water.

While this shouldn’t take the place of pure water intake, fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, watermelon, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, and grapefruit aren’t just delicious — they’re hydrating too.

In the summertime, try making your own water-based popsicles with water and pureed fresh fruit for a cool, hydrating treat.

5) Consider your wallet


Seemingly tiny expenses often sneak in and deplete our bank accounts — with beverages playing a part of those seemingly small expenses.

A coke at lunch, a cocktail after work, or that post-workout Gatorade all add up. Not to mention they’re not nearly as healthy as water.

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