Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Eating healthy can feel a lot like household chores: a monotonous, necessary evil.

In a world as fast-paced as ours, taking care of our bodies suddenly becomes another thing on the to-do list, rather than the ultimate priority.

Our healthy eating tips will help you make healthy eating exciting, easy, and good.

1) Keep Snacks Handy

When you have an accessible snack on the go, you’re less likely to over eat when you DO finally take a lunch break, and you’ll stay energized during your busy day.

We’re not talking a bag of gummy worms or potato chips.

Think nuts or fruit. These are easy to store and eat with relatively little mess or involvement.

2) Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere

A favorite water bottle usually does just the trick when it comes to saying no to processed juices and sodas.

Carry it with you to fill up wherever you go, and a fresher, more hydrated you will follow.

3) Eat In

Going out for a meal with friends is always a good time, but it’s ultimately harder on your health and your wallet.

Instead, plan a meal that you can cook with your friends and enjoy together.

This will force you to consider ingredients more closely, which helps in making healthier choices.

This way, you also ensure your food is as fresh as possible and you can make enough for leftovers!

4) Watch Portions

Half of your dinner plate should be filled with veggies, one quarter should be hearty, whole grains, and the other should be lean protein.

A trick to keeping your portions in check are eating off a smaller plate for dinner so you’re forced to get smaller portions and you stop to think before heading back for seconds!

5) Master The Cocktail

Most cocktails are delicious, but full of sugary syrups and mixers in addition to the sugar that alcohol already contains.

If you’re not quite ready to cut cocktails completely, know what your healthiest choices are.

Go for a glass of red wine, or a simple cocktail made of your favorite spirit mixed with diet tonic water and a lime instead of fruit juice or simple syrups.

6) Grocery Shop On Sunday

When you begin the week with a fridge and pantry full of healthy foods or even pre-made meals, you’re not rushing around to grab lunch at the burger joint down the road, and you won’t skip breakfast.

Knowing your meals are taken care of before you start the busy work week will give you peace of mind and eliminate unnecessary stress.

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