Getting Rid Of Belly Fat: 7 No-Fail Tips

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat: 7 No-Fail Tips

Getting rid of belly fat is not a walk in the park, and trimming down that spare tire around your middle will require more than doing hundreds of crunches every day.

In general, most of us find that getting rid of belly fat is the hardest part of weight loss.

We’re here to give you the inside scoop on shedding your belly fat quickly and effectively!

1) Start In The Kitchen:

There’s a saying that goes, “You get fit in the gym, but lose weight in the kitchen.” And truer words have never been spoken.

In order for your body to put out different results, you must put better fuel IN.

You body cannot maintain healthy and effective function if it’s living off sugar, carbs and saturated fat.

Without balance, your body will be unable to process fat correctly and will begin to store it around your middle.

Keep your veggies fresh, your carbs whole grain, and your protein lean. Cut out all processed foods and refined sugar.

2) Don’t Drink The Calories!

Calories in alcohol, soda, and juice are sneaky.

They don’t make you feel full or add to your daily nutrition, but somehow they seem to add inches to your waistline little by little.

Cutting liquid calories will not only help take the weight off your waist, it will take stress off your wallet and leave you more energized without all that extra sugar in your body.

3) Love Lemons

Adding lemon to your water will take your daily hydration from just healthy to detox! The acidity of lemon juice will naturally assist your liver in breaking down and processing fat efficiently.

Drinking a glass of warm or room temperature lemon water every morning can assist in this detoxification process.

4) Aim For All Over

Trying to get 30 minutes of whole body exercise is more effective in reducing belly fat than trying to “spot reduce”.

The only thing that will work to burn fat is all-around cardio rather than doing 200 crunches.

A well-rounded workout that includes cardio and strength training is your best bet.

5) Mind Your Muscle

We aren’t saying that crunches are totally worthless, though! The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns even at rest.

Building your core muscles with a good, 15-minute ab workout will help build and maintain core muscle for ideal calorie and fat burn.

6) Protein Is Key

Lean protein is the best way to keep you energized, sustained, and craving-free when you’re trying to clean up your diet.

Its long-term effects are ideal for someone trying to lose belly fat and add lean muscle, since protein is an important component for muscle development.

7) Stay Consistent

You can’t expect to be magically transformed after only a week of hard workouts and clean eating. You’ll feel a lot better for sure, but getting rid of that belly fat for good requires regular work and persistence.

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