Foods That Cause Body Fat

Foods That Cause Body Fat

Body fat can be a mysterious thing, and the foods that cause body fat can be obvious or sneaky!

Do any of the following foods appear regularly in your diet and your kitchen? If so, it might be time to rethink that way you eat!

1) The Color Of Your Carbs?

As crazy as it might sound, it MATTERS.

Carbs that are marketing or labeled as “white” or “bleached” often lack nutrients and have been processed far away from their pure, most nutritional form.

Think of white bread, pasta, rice, and other starches. If you’re consuming these regularly, you’re not getting nearly as many nutrients as you would if your carbs were whole grain. Instead, think “brown” and look for labels that say “whole grain” or “whole wheat”.

Think: brown rice, wild rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal

2) Alcohol Is The Enemy

Alcohol is quite the obstacle when it comes to reaching your fat burning goals. Any efforts you might be making to lose fat and gain muscle are directly counteracted by the consumption of alcohol.

This is because alcohol increases the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) that is released in the body.

Cortisol changes certain bodily functions to react to stress, and actually causes the body to burn muscle and store fat.

The exact OPPOSITE of what you’re trying to do!

3) Pitch The Potatoes

Potatoes come in a lot of unhealthy forms, more often that not.

Chips, French fries, mashed potatoes, tater tots…and often, even when we cook them at home, they’re not eaten without plenty of butter, salt, and cheese to make them more savory.

Potatoes also don’t have much ability to make you feel full, and they lack a lot of nutrients, almost making them empty carbs.

If you’re really craving a potato, try sweet potatoes instead! You’ll feel fuller, get more nutrients, and less starch.

4) The Wrong Red Meat

We get it! This is America, and red meat rules. However, certain cuts of red meat are quite fatty (which, unfortunately, is why they’re so delicious).

New York Strip, Ribeye, and T-Bone steaks are all cuts of meat you should stay away from.

The good news? You CAN still eat red meat. Just be picky about the cut! When choosing a lean cut, go for top sirloin, top round, bottom round, sirloin tip side steak, eye of round roast or steak.

5) Fruit Juice and Diet Soda

We can’t say it enough: drinking your calories is the quickest way to an uncomfortable waist band and an “insta-fat” effect.

Though diet soda is lower in sugar and calories than regular soda, it still messes with insulin levels in a very sneaky way. It hides behind artificial sweeteners, which are the real culprits!

Fruit juice seems innocent because it’s “natural”, right? A lot of juices now contain added sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Even pure juice with nothing added can still pack a punch with natural sugar content from fructose.

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