Food Cravings And How You Can Tackle Them

Food cravings tend to catch us unaware and then attack full-force.

But if you’re craving the world’s saltiest pretzel, want to quench your thirst with a soda, or you’re fantasizing about a late-night ice cream run, chances are your body is telling you something more important.

This post is your guide to responding to food cravings in a way that works to your advantage instead of throwing your healthy habits off track.

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Have A Built-In Cheat Day:

Be nice to yourself! We all enjoy the finer things in life, and sometimes those finer things take the form of buttery popcorn at a movie or an overly generous slice of pie. Guess what? That’s okay!

Include a cheat day in your diet, preferably on the weekend. This gives you a real day off from your hard work, and it’s something to look forward to so you can enjoy those foods you crave during the week.

It also allows you to compromise with your diet, and keeps you from feeling trapped without wiggle room.

So, when you have the urge to grab a milkshake during the lunch break, you can calmly remind yourself to save that shake for the upcoming cheat day when you can enjoy it on your off time with friends. This way, it feels more like a reward.

Understand your Cravings Better

If You Crave a Certain Food, Your Body Usually Needs Something Specific. What if we said you could satisfy a craving the healthy way?

Did you know a craving is actually a mild form of malnutrition? For example, when you’re craving salty snacks, your body is actually looking for a way to get chloride.

Instead of reaching for the potato chips, go for foods that can fulfill that need such as tomatoes, lettuce, celery, or olives.

If you crave chocolate, you actually need magnesium, which can be found in nuts and fruit. If you crave bread, your body is looking for nitrogen which can be found in meat, beans, and nuts.

Use this handy chart as a guide to help you avoid some of the food craving pitfalls by giving your body what it really needs.

Food Cravings Chart

Count to Ten

You’ve put on your coat, the car keys are in your hand, and that donut store is just around the corner. Do it now! Before you change your mind!

Because chances are, you won’t want the donuts as much by the time you get there. You won’t want them as much when you finally walk outside and start your car.

So count to ten. Stop and take ten seconds to think about why you want what you want, how you’re going to feel after you eat it, and what healthy alternatives you might have at home. Don’t forget to remind yourself of the upcoming cheat day!

Most likely, you won’t be running out the door for those fries or that soda.

Do Something Else

It sounds simple because, with some willpower, it is! We’re NOT talking about starving yourself —that’s never a healthy option.

But sometimes, we eat when we are bored or because we’re listening to our taste buds, not because we are truly hungry and need to nourish our bodies.

If you find yourself eating out of boredom or even emotion, do something else to alleviate that! Get out of the house, go for a walk, or do something you have been meaning to do for ages—write that letter, finish a book—instead.

These little tips are easy ways to establish some discipline when you begin your weight loss journey.

We also recommend adding TrimUltra into your daily routine as you begin forming healthy habits and work towards your weight loss goals.

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