5 Ways Your Lunch Break Is Killing Your Weight Loss Goals

Who knew your lunch break and your weight loss goals had a relationship?

Your lunch break is a precious hour of free time you really should use wisely, and that’s why this little piece of time can make or break healthy habits and determine whether or not you reach your weight loss goals.

Here are five ways your lunch break could be preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals.

1) You Don’t Take A Break

Your lunch break is there for a reason: to step away from the work and chill for an hour. When you choose to work through your lunch break, you’re skipping a chance to let your brain unwind and lower stress levels.

In a study conducted by the human resources consulting firm Right Management, only about a third of American workers said they take a lunch break.

Higher stress levels will keep you from focusing, prevent you from having a productive remainder of your work day, and they’ll make you more tired.

When you’re tired and stressed, you’re not as conscious of how you’re eating, you often skip your workout, and you won’t sleep as well.

Your body won’t reach weight loss goals your brain isn’t in tune with. Keep your brain healthy by giving it a mid-day rest by taking your lunch break.

2) You Skip Eating:

Maybe you didn’t pack a lunch and you don’t feel like running to get something. This goes hand-in-hand with skipping your lunch break—passing on a meal will make you cranky and more likely to binge on something unhealthy later on.

In all reality, working through lunch whether you at at your desk or not, is often counter-productive and harms both your physical and mental health.

Solution: Pack a lunch to save your money and save your body from empty, unhealthy calories and be sure to eat that lunch away from your desk.

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3) You Stay Still:

Get up! Move around! Go outside and take a 20-minute walk. Chat with a friend while taking a lap around the office. Take your lunch outside if it’s a nice day. If you’re like most American workers, you have one whole hour, and you get to decide what to do with it.

Avoid wasting it at your desk or sitting at a fast food restaurant the entire time. Get ideas for how to utilize your lunch break.

4) You Don’t Make A Plan:

Take five minutes to decide what needs to be done for the rest of your workday, and what needs to be done after you finally get home. Grocery store? Post Office? Paying the bills? Dinner date? Make a list and put your workout high on the priority list.

If it’s scheduled, you’re more likely to follow through with it. We all need to be reminded of our priorities from time to time!

5) You Don’t Have A Buddy:

Our kindergarten teachers were on to something when they employed the buddy system. If you have a coworker and friend who is trying to eat healthy or go to the gym on the lunch break, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Find someone you can count on, and make it a daily routine you can look forward to.

Having a friend help push you is just one benefit of having a friend. Friends also can be helpful when it comes to increasing your sense of belonging and purpose, boosting your happiness and reducing your stress, coping with trauma or tragedy and improving your self confidence and self-worth.

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