5 Hardcore Workouts That Let You Have Fun

Sometimes, working out can be boring, and your body needs a break from the same reps and running routes you do every day.  But who says you can’t have fun and still stick to your routine? Check out the following activities that are a sure way to have a great time and break a sweat.



Everyone can rock to a beat. At least, that’s what this drummer-inspired workout is based on.

Using the beats of favorite and popular songs, the founders of POUND developed a choreographed workout that simulates drumming to a playlist while working your whole body. POUND will work muscles you didn’t know you had all while letting you rock out with friends.

If you can’t find a POUND class near you, the videos are available in their online store and on their YouTube channel.



Let’s face it: it’s a safe, healthy excuse to punch something. Over and over again. Boxing is an all-encompassing workout that whips you into shape quickly and never allows a dull moment.

Compared to other low-impact cardio or aerobics, boxing is a great way to torch calories.

Training like a boxer will guarantee the resistance of bags and weights to build and tone muscle combined with cardio and intense impact that will speed your muscle gain and help you burn calories.


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Rock Climbing:

If you like your weekends to involve activities that get your adrenaline pumping, climbing is for you. Talk about a sport that will work you right down to your fingertips.

Head to an indoor gym where instructors can literally show you the ropes, or take advantage of an experienced friend with the right gear and hit the trails.

As workouts go, climbing will provide you with resistance to strengthen and tone your muscles, and it will challenge your flexibility. In addition to the toning benefits, you can enjoy a challenge that will leave you feeling accomplished when you reach the top of the wall.


Does your regular routine take you outside even during the winter months? Come in out of the cold and feel the heat with Bikram. Literally.
A typical Bikram class is comprised of 26 yoga poses, lasts for 90 minutes, and is all done at a room temperature of 104 F.

Bikram will help you tone up, gain strength, and studies have shown that this workout’s sweat factor could help your body release toxins.

Aerial Silks:

If you’re more of the artistic type, experimenting with aerial silks could be a great way to workout and find your inner Cirque Du Soleil.
Climb, pull, and twist your way to toned muscle, a solid core, and increased upper body strength all while defying gravity.

It doesn’t hurt that it torches calories as well. Aerial silks classes are becoming more and more popular and don’t require advanced experience.

See? Who says your journey to weight loss has to be boring? Now that you have a stockpile of alternative, fun workout options, which one will you try first? Do research to find where these activities are offered in your area and turn one of these workouts into a weekend outing with friends or family.

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